Air Traffic Control General Services Division (FSAD)


The division for general services has been formed recently, in April 2018.

The deivision was formed in order to include all the colleagues who are not air traffic control officers or air traffic control technicians/engineers. For the latter mentioned, bargaining for items, such as shift work, weekend and night work, licencing, ATSEP licencing, or transitional care is, due to the specific professional careers of these colleagues, totally different from the bargaining challenges which arise when representing the colleagues organised in the general services division: e.g. working in the office and/or at home („home office“, „flex office“), flexible working-hours within an inflexible roster, a flexible labour market and much more.

The colleagues working in a non-operational environment find a unionised representation of their interests with the new general services division.  



Divisional Head Jörg Waldhorst
Board Member communication and coordination Stefan Krausse Stefan Krausse
Consultant, Organisation   Simone Jentsch
Consultant, departmental working   Sebastian Sowa
Consultant, departmental working   Thomas Ullrich
Consultant, bargaining agreement & social   Anke Junglas
Consultant, bargaining agreement & social   Daniela Petrowski
Consultant, tariff & social   Sönke Keller
Consultant, communication   Elke Kaiser
Consultant, communication   Jochen Knoblauch
Consultant, youth & education   Maik Forschler